Ells són aquí (They are here)

They are here, observing us, prepared to act. Discretely hidden, they watch all of our actions, but sometimes they commit a mistake and become visible. If we look carefully around us we will be able to discover them and we will realise that there is nothing we can do to escape from their sight. There is always someone behind the door, or in the window, or between the trees, or at the other side of the wall, or in the street.

We have lost our privacy and have been put into a showcase. Everything we do is public and wherever we go there is always an eye contemplating us or an ear listening to us, absorbing and collecting even the most small and irrelevant bit of information about us. We are controlled and we tacitly accept it without rebellion while they, as predators, wait to the moment to jump on us.

Jordi Capell

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