Color Management

Monitor calibration rates (VAT included)
In our facilities (laptops) 40 €
At client’s home (desktop computers) 60 €*
Printer prifiling rates (VAT included)
Rate for each type of paper 60 €*
(paper to be profiled will be supplied by the customer)

*Pricing for Barcelona city. Other places please ask


Monitor calibration consists in adjusting it in order to achieve the best color response possible in front all situations. Thanks to the color profile generated the screen colors will be as faithful as possible to the real ones. With this and with a good management of the color profiles we will warrant the best fidelity in our copies.

We also create print profiles for all kind of paper desired by the customer. This service, because of its particularities, can only be offered at the customer’s home.

Our monitor calibration services include:

    • Screen testing, configuration and monitor baseline conditions
    • Screen calibration, and generation and installation of a color profile using a high quality spectrophotometer (PC and Mac)
    • Setup and management of Adobe Photoshop for a correct implementation of the profile
    • In order to warrant the best results, practical advice for a proper illumination of the workplace will be given
    • Home visit if equipment to calibrate can not be transported to our facilities